About me

My name is Wihelmus Doi. I also answer to the name of William. I am a native of Flores and speak English fluently.

I’ve been a guide for almost twenty years now. I enjoy sharing my stories about the island and our lifestyle with travellers from all over the World.

I know a lot about our volcanos, the local plants and animals here. I also have profound knowledge of the Florenese culture and religion with their traditional ceremonies.

Coming from a rural background and working as a tourist guide I feel a deep connection with nature. For this reason I am very concerned about environmental matters. I try to preserve our wonderful Island. Because of this I teach our local people how to keep their surroundings clean. It is my wish that the next generation may also enjoy our beautiful nature here.

As a guide I would like to show you the traditional way of life of our local people, with whom I work closely. At the same time it is my goal, that tourism does not change their traditional way of life in a negative way. Keeping this balance between inviting small groups of tourists to traditional villages and keeping the villages traditional is a challenge, but is very important to me.

If you are curious about my programs and further offers, please check out the various trips to see what suits you best. I am a licensed tourist guide of the Tourism Department of Indonesia. Thanks to this I am permitted to work as a guide on the whole Island of Flores. I am looking forward to finding the perfect tour with you and guiding you on your chosen trip.