About local nature

Climate on Flores

On Flores there is the typical monsoon climate. The northwest monsoon (December until March) with wind from the West to the Northwest brings rain. During the southeast monsoon (May until October) there is dry season with wind from the East to the South-East. In the months between the two monsoons there is wind coming from all directions. Since a while the climate is changing and there is no security on the beginning and ending of the monsoon times.

The Flora and Fauna

Lying to the east of the Wallace line, and west of Weber line, no large Asian mammals are found, although many Asian birds, insects and reptiles are found, the most significant is the Komodo dragon. Fossils of tusks found at some places indicated that certain species of pygmy elephants have been roaming through the ranges of Flores. You can get more informations in the Information Center of Liang Bua. But most important is the very rich marine life, coral reefs as well as fish species.

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